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Volunteer to Voter Postcards are reminders to vote, handwritten by volunteers who want to STOP matt MANWELLER (r) and sent to targeted voters.

Our goal is to provide information to voters about Matt Manweller’s history of harassment to motivate and remind our supporters to vote to STOP MANWELLER on election day. Volunteer to Voter Postcards are an excellent way for out-of-district volunteers to support this effort, even though they may not be able to vote against Manweller themselves.

It’s easy—and most importantly, it works!

It’s a personal touch in the age of technology, and we choose voters who are particularly likely to take note of a handwritten postcard. Personal connections are a perfect way to engage voters and get them to the polls! 

How it works:

  • Volunteers apply to receive 23 voter addresses via the online form.

  • Once the volunteer has completed our verification process via text message, the requested number of voter addresses along with complete instructions and scripts are sent to the volunteer via email.

  • Volunteers provide appropriate postcards and proper postage, write postcards according to instructions and return them within 3 days.

    • We provide templates to print your own postcards, or you can provide your own.

  • Once you’ve returned your postcards, you can use the efficient returning volunteer form to request more addresses 

Postcard Parties are a fun way to visit with friends while making an impact! If you are interested in hosting a Postcard Party, please let us know!