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Thank you so much for your help with Volunteer to Voters postcards for STOP MANWELLER!  So glad to see you back for more!   

IMPORTANT: This form is for RETURNING postcard volunteers ONLY. If you have not sent postcards for our STOP MANWELLER effort before, please use the new postcard volunteer form HERE.

Returning Postcard Volunteers:

  • Returning Postcard Volunteers may apply to receive up to 5 sheets of 23 voter addresses via the online form.

  • Since you’ve already been verified, you can expect to receive your new set of addresses within 72 hours of form submission.

  • Volunteers provide appropriate postcards and proper postage, write postcards according to instructions and return them within 3 days.

    • We provide templates to print your own postcards, or you can provide your own.

  • Once you’ve returned your postcards, you can come on back and request more!

Postcard Parties are a fun way to visit with friends while making an impact! If you are interested in hosting a Postcard Party, please let us know!